Iberian Tech Summit 2023

This year, the Iberian Tech Summit was held for the first time. This event was set up to make people in the Olhão region (Algarve) more familiar with technology and also to bring more technology to the region to show that there is more like tourism in the region. Another point they encounter is the fact that the English language is less established than, for example, with us, which is why there were also a lot of sessions that were given in Portuguese.

Organising an event

The road getting there...

How did I get involved in Scottish Summit For me, the journey started in February of 2020. I had heard about this event that was going to happen in Glasgow. Decided to go there as an attendee together with a colleague. It was my first international event, and my first event of this size. It made quite an impression on me as a big introvert… All those people, the travel, and between session I needed some time to wander off on my own to refuel a bit.



“Yeah It’s on. ” Welcome Welcome to my blog I will try to post some Azure, Powershell, training related content on here.